Placeholders can be used in content type fields or templates. The placeholders allow you to automatically fill in values when creating a new content.

There are known placeholders from Front Matter:

  • {{title}}: Title of the page
  • {{slug}}: Slug of the page
  • {{now}}: Current date formatted with the value defined in frontMatter.taxonomy.dateFormat or ISO string
  • {{year}}: Current year
  • {{month}}: Current month
  • {{day}}: Current day

You can define you own placeholders within the frontMatter.content.placeholders setting.

For instance, you can define a custom permalink placeholder as follows:

To use the permalink placeholder, you need to define the {{permalink}} value in your content type or template.

In the custom placeholders, you can also use the known placeholders from Front Matter, so that they are more dynamic to your content.


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