Front Matter actions can also be done using commands. This section of the documentation will provide an explanation of all the available commands.


Some of the commands do also have a default keyboard binding for quick access.

Keyboard bindings

frontMatter.dashboardOpen the Front Matter dashboardalt + doption + dalt + d
frontMatter.insertMediaInsert a media file into your contentctrl + shift + icmd + shift + ictrl + shift + i
frontMatter.insertSnippetInsert a snippet into your contentcmd + shift + vcmd + shift + vcmd + shift + v

Using commands

  • Start by opening the command prompt:
    • Linux & Windows: shift + ctrl + P
    • Mac: shift + cmd + P
  • Use one of the following commands

Available commands

Initialize project

This command will initialize the project with a template folder and an article template. It makes it easier to get you started with the extension and creating your content.

ID: frontMatter.init

Open dashboard

Opens the dashboard with your Markdown pages overview. If you did not yet initialize your project, the welcome screen will be shown.

ID: frontMatter.dashboard

Diagnostic logging

Opens a virtual Markdown document with detailed information about your Front Matter configuration.

ID: frontMatter.diagnostics

Insert media into your content

Allows you to quickly insert an media reference in the Markdown file.

ID: frontMatter.insertMedia

Insert snippet into your content

Allows you to quickly insert a snippet in the Markdown file.

ID: frontMatter.insertSnippet

Create category

Creates a new category and allows you to include it into your post automatically.

ID: frontMatter.createCategory

Create tag

Creates a new tag and allows you to include it into your post automatically.

ID: frontMatter.createTag

Insert categories

Inserts a selected categories into the front matter of your article/post/... - When using this command, the Front Matter panel opens and focuses on the specified type.

ID: frontMatter.insertCategories

Insert tags

Inserts a selected tags into the front matter of your article/post/... - When using this command, the Front Matter panel opens and focuses on the specified type.

ID: frontMatter.insertTags

Export all tags & categories to your settings

Export all the already used tags & categories in your articles/posts/... to your user settings.

ID: frontMatter.exportTaxonomy

Remap or remove tag/category in all articles

This command helps you quickly update/remap or delete a tag or category in your markdown files. The extension will ask you to select the taxonomy type (tag or category), the old taxonomy value, and the new one (leave the input field blank to remove the tag/category).

Info: Once the remapping/deleting process completes, your VS Code settings update with all new taxonomy tags/categories.

ID: frontMatter.remap

Create a template from current file

This command allows you to create a new template from the current open Markdown file. It will ask you for the name of the template and if you want to keep the current file its content in the template.

ID: frontMatter.createTemplate

Create new content from defined content type or template

With this command, you can easily create content in your project from the defined content types or templates.

Info: The command will use the frontMatter.templates.prefix setting in order to add a prefix (default: yyyy-MM-dd) on the filename.

ID: frontMatter.createContent

Generate slug based on content title

This command generates a clean slug for your content. It removes known stop words, punctuations, and special characters.


title: Just a sample page with a title
slug: sample-page-title

You can also specify a prefix and suffix, which can be added to the slug if you want. Use the following settings to do this: frontMatter.taxonomy.slugPrefix and frontMatter.taxonomy.slugSuffix.

By default, both prefix and suffix settings are not provided, which mean it would not add anything extra to the slug.

Another setting is to allow you to sync the filename with the generated slug. The setting you need to turn on enable for this is frontMatter.taxonomy.alignFilename.

Info: At the moment, the extension only supports English stopwords.

ID: frontMatter.generateSlug

Set lastmod date

Sets/updates the current modified date in your Markdown file.

ID: frontMatter.setLastModifiedDate

Preview content

Open the site preview of your content in VS Code.

ID: frontMatter.preview

Promote settings from local to team level

This command allows you to promote all local settings from within your .vscode/settings.json file to be promoted to the projects team configuration frontmatter.json file.

ID: frontMatter.promoteSettings

Refresh the settings

This command allows you to refresh the settings from the frontmatter.json file. This is useful when you have updated the settings manually and want to reload them.

ID: frontMatter.settings.refresh

Removed commands

Set current date

This command has been removed, as it became obsolete since the introduction of Content Types.

ID: frontMatter.setDate


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