Front Matter Headless CMS running in VS Code that helps managing your static sites and Markdown based sites. Supports Hugo, Jekyll, Docusaurus, NextJs, Gatsby, and more.

Why leave your editor if it can give you all power to manage your static sites? Front Matter is a headless CMS that lets you create, edit, and preview your Markdown based content straight within Visual Studio Code.

Front Matter - Headless CMS - Live page preview

Built for any static-site generator you might like


and many more...

Bringing the CMS to your editor

Why would you leave your editor when you can perform all tasks straight from within it?

We at Front Matter believe that you should keep using what you like. For us, this is Visual Studio Code. Use the same editor you use to code, but with unique features to make it suitable for writing and managing your Markdown articles.

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Front Matter CMS editor dashboard of your static site content

Checking your media was never easier

Quickly glance all your media files straight from within VS Code. You will be able to filter by your content folders, and perform quick media actions.

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Front Matter CMS - media management was never easier in VS Code


Check out our main features which help you manage your static-site

Offline management

A Content Management System built to run within Visual Studio Code. No dependencies on any website or API. Write wherever you are, commit when you are online.

Full site/page preview

Allow showing your site and page previews within Visual Studio Code without the need of opening a browser.

Content dashboard

Our page dashboard allows you to search, filter, sort, and group all your static site pages.

SEO Checks

Our search engine optimization checks allow you to write better articles. We show you more information about your title, description, content, keywords, and more.

Use it the way you want it

All of the functionalities are configurable to your needs. You can define how you want to use Front Matter in your editor experience.


Add your actions with our custom scripting capability. For instance, you can use a script and hook it up to the extension if you want to generate preview images. If we do not support it, you can build it and share it with us.

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