Front MatterHeadless CMS right in your code editor that helps managing your static sites and Markdown based sites. Supports Hugo, Jekyll, Docusaurus, NextJs, Gatsby, and more.

Experience the best of both worlds with Front Matter, the CMS that runs within Visual Studio Code, GitPod, and many more. Get the control over your static generator's content by bringing in the CMS features from Front Matter. Start creating and previewing content in real-time - no complicated setup - choose Front Matter CMS and start creating amazing content today.

Front Matter - Headless CMS - Content Dashboard

A CMS that works seamlessly with any static site generator


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Pick your generator and start managing your static site in minutes

Editing your articles made easy

With Front Matter, you can easily manage your articles, front matter, and metadata right from within your editor. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your editor, so you can create, edit, and preview your content in real-time. Say goodbye to switching between tools - Front Matter makes it easy to manage your content in one place. Get started today and see how Front Matter can streamline your content creation process.

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Front Matter CMS - Article editing and front matter management in VS Code

Bringing the CMS to your editor

Why waste time switching between tools when you can do it all in one place?

With Front Matter, you can stay in your preferred editor and easily create, manage, and publish content. Our unique features transform your editor into a powerful content management system, so you can focus on what matters most - creating great content. Give Front Matter a try and see how easy it is to streamline your content creation process.

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Front Matter CMS editor dashboard of your static site content

Managing your media was never easier

With Front Matter's media dashboard, it's easy to access and manage all your media files right from within Visual Studio Code. Quickly browse your content folders, insert media into your articles, and perform various media actions - all with just a few clicks. Keep your media organized and at your fingertips with Front Matter's intuitive media dashboard.

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Front Matter CMS - media management was never easier in VS Code


Check out our main features which help you manage your static-site

100% secure CMS

Front Matter is a content management system that's built right into Visual Studio Code - no need for separate accounts or dependencies on websites or APIs. Plus, you can work offline and commit your changes when you're online, so you're never held back by internet outages. As we are not an online service, you can rest assured that your content is protected from DDoS attacks and other threats. Start writing and managing your content with ease using Front Matter.

Content Types

Front Matter gives you the power to define and customize your content types to fit your specific needs. Our platform comes with a default content mapping, but you have the flexibility to extend or alter it to fit your unique requirements. With Front Matter, you're in control of your content - and we'll adjust to meet your needs. Experience the full capabilities of a CMS with Front Matter's customizable content types.

Full site/page preview

With Front Matter, you can preview your site and pages directly within Visual Studio Code - no need to switch to a separate browser window. Our seamless integration allows you to see your changes in real-time and make adjustments on the fly. Say goodbye to tedious switching between tools - Front Matter makes it easy to see your work as you go.

Content, media, snippets, and data dashboard

Front Matter's dashboard is your one-stop-shop for managing all your content, media, snippets, and data files. Easily filter by your content folders and perform quick actions to keep everything organized and easily accessible. And our tight integration with the editor panel allows you to insert media files or snippets into your articles with just a few clicks. Streamline your content management process with Front Matter's intuitive dashboard.

SEO Checks

Front Matter's search engine optimization checks help you create better, more optimized articles. Our platform provides you with in-depth information about your title, description, content, keywords, and more, so you can make informed decisions about how to improve your SEO. With Front Matter, you'll have all the tools you need to craft high-quality, search-friendly content.

Use it the way you want it

Front Matter is designed to be fully configurable to your needs. You can customize your editor experience and define how you want to use the platform, but that's just the beginning. If you have specific needs or want to automate tasks, our custom scripting capability allows you to add your own actions and hooks. For example, you can use a script to generate preview images or automate other processes. With Front Matter, you have the flexibility to create the perfect content management solution for your needs.

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peter kellner

This is an awesome tool to with markdown files. I've converted my blog from Jekyll to Astro and this has been a huge help. Totally inspiring! thank you

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Kristof Zerbe

Really helpful tool, even for the SSG Hexo and it is in active development. Elio responds to issues very quickly and releases new betas in very short intervals. Chapeau!

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La veo muy interesante a esta extension sin duda alguna tengo que instalarla y probarla :)

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Milad Yekleh

Great addition to JAMStack mentality. this has the potential to bring JAMStack to non-technical users.

profile picture
pengyan du

very nice! I like it very much. I used hexo.

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